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Arlington - Sycamore St - White traditional kitchen

The main problems of this 1950's kitchen were small counter space and storage, and a bulky refrigerator blocking the circulation. The owners prefer glass doors to recreate the old built-ins and warm colors for a cozy atmosphere. The challenge was to solve these problems and address the homeowner’s preferences while reconfiguring the same space and enhancing the old style.

The design goals included beauty, function, Indoor Air Quality, and effective use of resources; minimizing waste, using durable and low maintenance materials, and low water and energy bills. The old kitchen was deconstructed and materials were recycled. The design solution kept the gas and plumbing, added foam insulation for comfort, and removed old walls creating a central island. A new structural beam was necessary and ended as a soffit. The new French door to the south opens the view to the deck allowing the winter sun, and it’s shaded in summer with deciduous trees. Features include under the counter microwave, folding step, trash-recycle, and the nook table at the end of the island. All finishes are no VOC's, recycled materials counters, water efficient faucet, and Energy Star light fixtures, appliances and door.

The result is a compact design with open concept and easy flow of circulation that make the rooms feel larger. The solution enhances the old style with a seamless integration. The homeowner said “We really love the kitchen and dining room – more every day. Everyone who stops by is amazed at the extra space acquired from your reconfiguration.”

White Traditional Kitchen